Increase the aesthetic value of your new or refinished swimming pool with the addition of hand crafted CERAMIC, GLASS AND LEXAN PLASTIC SWIMMING POOL MOSAIC TILES. We offer DOLPHINS, TURTLES, MERMAIDS, TROPICAL FISH, SAND DOLLARS, SEA CRABS, SEA SHELLS, SEAHORSES, STARFISH, OCTOPUS, SAILFISH, SHARKS, GECKOS and many, many other high quality POOL PALS.

Ceramic Mosaic Art has gone beyond the pool environment with specially pigmented Concrete Paver Medallions and Teak Wood Pool Furniture.


All ceramic and glass mosaics come fully assembled, ready for installation. We can now put a NON-SKID SURFACE of our CERAMIC mosaics. Call us for details.

Ceramic Mosaic Art is an authorized distributor for: Artistry in Mosaics Inc., Custom Mosaics Inc. and PaverArt LLC.

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Coral Reefs


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#3394 Coral Reef Section B#3394 Coral Reef Section B

#3394 Coral Reef Section B

Size: 21" x 15"
Frost Proof Porcelain


#3396 Coral Reef Section D#3396 Coral Reef Section D

#3396 Coral Reef Section D

Size: 22" x 22"
Frost Proof Porcelain


#2005 Reef Accent Coral#2005 Reef Accent Coral

#2005 Reef Accent Coral

Size: 22" x 17"
Frost Proof


#2006 Reef Accent Anemone#2006 Reef Accent Anemone

#2006 Reef Accent Anemone

Size: 18" x 17"
Frost Proof


#3397 Coral Reef Section E#3397 Coral Reef Section E

#3397 Coral Reef Section E

Size: 26" x 29"
Frost Proof


#3395 Coral Reef Section C#3395 Coral Reef Section C

#3395 Coral Reef Section C

Size: 36" x 24"
Frost Proof Porcelain


#2065 Tropical Reef#2065 Tropical Reef

#2065 Tropical Reef

Size: 24" x 33"
Frost Proof


#3178 Coral Reef#3178 Coral Reef

#3178 Coral Reef

Size: 36" x 36"
Frost Proof


#3393 Coral Reef#3393 Coral Reef

#3393 Coral Reef

Size: 58" x 33"
Frost Proof Porcelain


#1005 Ocean Reef#1005 Ocean Reef

#1005 Ocean Reef

Size: 23" x 60"
Frost Proof


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Cards We Accept
Cards We Accept